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5 Top Dinosaur Toys for Kids of All Ages

Looking for a toy dinosaur that will make your child go “roar”? I’ve put together a list of tried-and-true toys for gifts of all sizes and budgets.

Even though dinosaurs have been gone for about 66 million years, I am still very interested in them. And it’s very likely that your child will get really interested in dinosaurs at some point. Whether they got into dinosaurs because of a soft toy, a figure, or the movie Jurassic World, they’ll probably want a dinosaur toy for Christmas or put it on their birthday wish list.

TEMI Dinosaur Toys Play Mat

Price: $40 at Amazon

If you want a realistic dinosaur set that kids can play with and that will keep them still and happy for a while, look no further than this one from TEMI Dinosaur Toys PlayMat. This interactive dino playset includes 9 dinosaur figures: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giganotosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Acrocanthosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Dimetrodon.

The play mat is made of soft non-woven fabric texture, not cheap, and thin PVC. This dinosaur play set is a great choice if you want to give a gift to someone who loves dinosaurs. It has bright colors, lots of details, and moves in a way that looks real.

When you buy advanced options like large dinosaurs and a volcano play mat, the volcano lights up red to simulate lava. It steams to make it look hot and it plays dinosaur roars! The large play mat is big enough that at least four or five kids can sit and play on it.

TEMI Dinosaur Toys Play Mat comes with a carrying case with a handle that can hold all of the dinosaurs. Ideal for birthdays, Christmas, other holidays, etc. Some of the dinosaurs or trees may get squashed and change shape while being delivered. If they don’t stand well, fix their shape with hot water and let them cool.

It’s suggested for babies and toddlers, but kids will probably play with this long after they start school. It’s a great deal and will help teach younger kids how to play together and socialize.

Dinosaur Track Toys

Price: $34 at Amazon

Create a unique dinosaur track of the dinosaur world with this dinosaur-themed race track. You will get 2 LED dinosaur cars, 2 realistic-looking dinosaurs, 144 track pieces including trees, door, bridges, and traffic signs

It is super easy and quick to put together. The little dinosaur head cars have some power to them and actually go pretty fast. The track pieces are flexible and can turn to the left or right. When the whole track is put together, this gives a lot of flexibility and makes it possible to make a new track layout with different options.

Honest review of this Dinosaur Track Toys is: The T-Rex Dino does not stand on a table or carpet or anything bc the feet are screwed up. The palm trees don’t stand either and appear to be made to clip to the track, which you cannot do because they’re too short and knock the cars off. Best to only use on a perfectly flat surface.

Dinosaur Track Toys is the best choice for boys and girls kids as a Birthday gift or Christmas gift.

Dinosaur Truck Toy Vehicle

Price: $29 at Amazon

The Jurassic World dinosaurs are waiting for you. Save them with our big truck that can carry dinosaurs. The dino playset makes a great zoo for kids to look around in. It’s a very fun and exciting toy for kids.

This Dinosaur Truck Toy Vehicle toy is by far the most complete toy. You will get realistic dinosaur figures, a play mat, a dinosaur transport truck, dinosaur cars, accessories and dinosaur identification cards. How cool is that?

Dinosaur transport truck is equipped with storage space, so you don’t need to buy a new box to store your kid’s dinosaur toys. The dinosaur truck door can be opened or closed, and the dinosaur playset can be stored in it.

The play mat is made of non-woven fabric, which is soft and tough at the same time. Your kids can play on the play mat without you having to worry about them.

Dinosaur Truck Toy Vehicle is very delicate and well-designed as a gift. A wonderful gift to surprise your children on their birthday, Halloween, or Christmas.

Dinosaur Interactive Sound Book Toy

Price: $30 at Amazon

Is this book or a toy? Well, it could be both. Let them play with these realistic dinosaur toys, and discover sounds from the dinosaur interactive sound book. In the book, each button has a picture of a different kind of dinosaur. When you pressed it, you could hear it roar. Watch out, they could be among you!

Dinosaur Interactive Sound Book Toy comes with batteries ready to use. The audio identifying the dinos is clear and easily understood. It has a battery compartment to change tiny batteries when needed. The dinos do stand all but one. Not only storybooks and 12 dinosaur toys but you will also get a play mat.

Dinosaur Story Book with Interactive Sound Toy would also make a brilliant birthday gift for a dino-loving kid.

Dinosaur Building Blocks Toys

Price: $24 at Amazon

Dinosaur Building Blocks Toys let kids have fun and help them think about space in new ways. Sorting and stacking help kids learn to think logically and work with their hands. You can get two benefits at once by buying this toy: a building block and a dinosaur toy.

All of the products are made to high standards and are made of ABS, which is safe for the environment and doesn’t break or bend easily. Dinosaur Building Blocks Toys come with a 4-piece dinosaur train, 18 number bricks that can be stacked, and other pieces.

Children will get the best of education and entertainment as they learn to build towers, gates, and more.

If board games are for older children and adults, then these dinosaur toys are suitable for babies and toddlers. I asked moms about the best dinosaur toys to find out which ones they liked best. I also look for bad reviews of products to stay away from.

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